Support the Columubs Symphony - Slightly Off Topic, But Important

This website, and this blog, are dedicated to the promotion and distribution of music by independent artists. Most of the people I deal with are involved in rock, blues and power pop music. However, I wanted to take a moment to make a plug for everyone in the Columbus community to think about the value that the Columbus Symphony brings, and to urge everyone to support them this year.

A vital arts community is has to be a 360-degree thing. Fine arts go hand in hand with other creative arts to make an interesting place for everyone.  The diversity of creative outlets bring a richness and complexity that can only be found in cities.  Add to that the vitality and intellectual depth contributed by one of the largest universities anywhere and you have a formula for success.  Obviously, as a relative newbie here, I'm not telling most people something that they don't already know.  But what I want you to think about is that the presence of a major symphonic orchestra is a critical part of that diversity. Now, after having dodged a bullet last year, the continuing pressures on corporate contributions leave the symphony once again in a serious financial bind.

My parents always instilled in me an appreciation for classical music. For a number of years now, I've enjoyed season subscriptions to the symphony (here in Columbus for the last two and in Charlotte previously). I look forward to these performances just as eagerly as I do any rock or blues performance. 

So, why am I writing this? First, the symphony is it totally underutilized resource for my generation (let's just say the young feeling, middle-age).  Why don't you treat yourself to some high culture and attend a symphony performance. If you have kids, make plans to bring them to some children's performances next year (I think the children's season is over for this year). If you have teenagers, bring them to something now. There are a number of exciting performances left this year to suit just about every taste with some "rockstar" performers coming up.

Secondly, recently the Symphony announced a matching gift for a maximum gift of up to $100,000 had been given to the symphony. That means that we in the community need to step up and do our part. I'm going to make a contribution, and I urge everyone reading this to do the same. Here's a link where you can make a contribution.

Thanks for reading.  Love to hear from you.